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The most important feature of a house is its amount of room. Whether you have a growing family or live alone, you need plenty of space to rest, work out, socialize, and have fun. Whether your family is growing or you just need more rooms, a home extension is something to think about.

When Home Addition Allentown is completed, the homeowner will be pleased, as the existing house valuation will increase. Home addition facilities in Allentown will assist you in giving your old house a new appearance that matches your personal style. We're busier than ever, with interest at an all-time peak and homeowners opting to remodel rather than move.

When you don't have enough room in your home, it can be very awkward. When this happens, you would have no option but to start planning a home extension. Since additions come in a variety of sizes, forms, and structural configurations, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

When it is necessary to provide a single room extension or a multi-story renovation, Home Addition Allentown can work for you to make flexibility for your residence. To thoughtful planning and thorough attention to detail, we reliably offer sleek additions that fit in very well with your home today.

What We Offer

If you have limited room and need more storage, a home extension might be the answer. We have aided homeowners in Pennsylvania for many generations in creating additional living rooms for their homes, and we have the skills to assist you as well.

A new home addition Allentown will offer you more living space, a den, a bathroom, a workspace, a master bedroom, a game room, or even a way to enlarge your whole home. We'll partner with you every step of the way to determine the right way to add enough space whilst sticking within the budget.

Through eliminating or installing walls, our Allentown remodeling contractors will help you transform an empty space or even build a new workspace. The total cost of an Allentown home extension is determined by the scale of the project, the current condition of the property, the materials used, and a few other considerations. Here are some of the services we have.

  • In Pennsylvania, a screened porch is a popular way to add an outdoor living room to your house. With damp, hot weather and swarms of insects, a screened porch is an ideal way to expand your living room whilst having a weather-protected environment that can be enjoyed almost all year.
  • Mudrooms have grown in popularity and sophistication over the past few decades. They're now mostly used to store boots and to hang outerwear. Mudrooms are getting as large and ornate as kitchens, mostly acting as the main entrance for family members.
  • In addition to a storeroom and energy storage for sporting clothing, school bags, shirts, raincoats, hats, and hats, homeowners want post-processing, a household calendar, telephone charging, and a common computer workspace. The mudroom is designed to look like a family resource center.
  • Ground-floor bathrooms and bedrooms are an excellent way to render the home more age-friendly. The ability to sit on the first floor reduces the need to frequently move up and down the stairs. A complete bathroom can incorporate traditional design principles that do not sacrifice beauty for utility but rather merge the two into a welcoming space for people of all ages and abilities.
  • The modern master bedroom is seen in a somewhat different light. The master suite is now a comfortable, luxury retreat with customized amenities that feels like a house within a building. A big walk-in closet will hold all of your wardrobe essentials. Reading a newspaper or browsing through social media in a cozy chair corner is a great way to unwind. Not to mention a spa-like bathroom where you can wash your worries away after a long day.

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To guarantee that your home creation is one-of-a-kind, we provide custom craftsmanship and careful attention to detail. To learn more about our design and building facilities, please contact us or visit our Allentown office.

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